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Reports: Marilyn Manson injured during New York concert

Rocker Marilyn Manson's concert in New York City was abruptly ended Saturday night after he was struck by a stage prop, media reports said. more

Source: Fox News

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Three dead, two injured after shooting in crowded Kansas college town

Three people were left dead and two were seriously injured after gunfire broke out in a crowded downtown area nearby the University of Kansas early Sunday morning, police said. more

Source: Fox News

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Iranian foreign minister arrives in Oman for talks

Iran's foreign minister has arrived in Oman for a daylong visit with officials in the sultanate, which has served as a crucial link between Iran and the U.S. in the past. more

Source: Fox News

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Trump knows how to read the crowd but hasn't learned to govern

By Michael Goodwin As President Trump enters the stretch run of his first year in office, two big things are clear. He has not lost his remarkable instinct for reading the public mood, but neither has he found a way to harness that instinct into a successful governing formula. more

Source: Fox News

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Trump dismisses talking to North Korea as wasted time

By MATTHEW LEE President Donald Trump says Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is "wasting his time" trying to negotiate with North Korea over its nuclear and missile programs, raising speculation about whether Trump could be undermining efforts to maintain channels of communication or somehow bolstering the diplomat's hand in possible future talks. more

Source: Fox News

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Equifax breach makes cybersecurity more urgent than ever

By Virginia Grebbien Our critical infrastructure centers are at grave risk for technological or digital disruption, more commonly known as hacks. more

Source: Fox News

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Vanuatu island exodus continues even as volcano stabilizes

The evacuation of a Vanuatu island was continuing on Monday even after scientists said an erupting volcano had stabilized. more

Source: Fox News

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India says Pakistan firing kills boy, injures 5 in Kashmir

Officials say a 10-year-old boy has been killed and five civilians injured in cross-border fighting between Indian and Pakistani troops in the disputed Kashmir region. more

Source: Fox News

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Terrorist label frustrates Muslim community in the woods

By MICHAEL HILL If Islamberg truly is a hotbed of jihad, a heavily armed terrorist training ground hidden in the woods of upstate New York, it's hard to see along the rutted dirt road winding through the Muslim community. more

Source: Fox News

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Trial to begin in assassination of Kim Jong Un's half-brother

The trial of two women accused of poisoning the estranged half-brother of North Korea's ruler is scheduled to begin Monday morning in Malaysia's High Court in Kuala Lumpur, nearly eight months after the brazen airport assassination. more

Source: Fox News

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Person of interest in death of Florida nanny is apprehended

The person of interest sought in the death of a beloved Florida nanny was arrested Sunday in a motel. more

Source: Fox News

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Trump says Puerto Rico relief effort 'under really great control,' dedicates golf trophy to victims

President Donald Trump on Sunday dedicated the Presidents Cup golf trophy to the Americans who survived hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, while saying the relief effort is “under really great control.” more

Source: Fox News

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Questions about the President's competence grow louder the more he ignores presidential norms

In the span of seventy-two hours, President Donald Trump has fumed and fired a health chief with a penchant for taxpayer-funded private jets, bragged about a recovery process in Puerto Rico that bears little resemblance to reality on the ground, lashed the mayor of the island's capital city for questioning more

Source: CNN Top Stories


Inside the Latest Power Struggle at Uber

By KATIE BENNER and MIKE ISAAC A proposal to the board by Uber's new chief, Dara Khosrowshahi, and Goldman Sachs would reduce the voting clout of the ex-C.E.O., Travis Kalanick. more

Source: The New York Times

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Trump again undercuts his secretary of State, dashing potential progress on North Korea

By Tracy Wilkinson, Laura King Just a day after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson suggested a possible diplomatic breakthrough with nuclear-armed North Korea, President Trump on Sunday undercut his top diplomat, saying Tillerson “is wasting his time.” The stunning rebuke was the latest incident in which Trump has publicly contradicted... more

Source: Los Angeles Times


Hundreds injured in clashes with police as Catalonia defies Spain, holds vote on independence

By Lauren Frayer Spanish police smashed windows at polling stations, cut internet cables with wire cutters, swung billy clubs and fired rubber bullets at voters Sunday in Spain's northeast region of Catalonia, as locals cast ballots in an independence referendum the central government considers illegal. Nearly... more

Source: Los Angeles Times


A rural Mexican town grieves for a little girl after the earthquake and wonders why aid was slow to arrive

By Patrick J. McDonnell When she arrived at the central plaza, desperate to find her missing daughter and husband, there was nothing that Ivonne Natali Rodriguez could do. The powerful earthquake had collapsed a more than 6-foot-tall stone wall surrounding the colonial-era church here in this rural enclave in Mexico City.... more

Source: Los Angeles Times


Books of The Times: Through the Lens of the Obama Years, Ta-Nehisi Coates Reckons With Race, Identity and Trump

By JENNIFER SENIOR “We Were Eight Years in Power” is a selection of Coates's most influential pieces from The Atlantic, with new material about what he was thinking and feeling when he wrote them. more

Source: The New York Times

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The secret behind Ri Yong Ho, North Korea's fire-breathing spokesman

By Barbara Demick During the recent United Nations General Assembly meeting, he emerged as the fire-breathing mouthpiece of North Korea's inflammatory government. Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho mocked Donald Trump as “President Evil” and offered up sound bites about detonating nuclear bombs over the Pacific and shooting... more

Source: Los Angeles Times