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Early plan to help Iraq army marked by distrust over Iran, report claims

By foxnewsonline@foxnews.com A WHITE HOUSE PLAN to gather intelligence on Sunni militants operating in Iraq was hamstrung by lack of resources and suspicion that sensitive information would fall into Iran's hands, according to a Wall Street Journal report.'We did not know': 9 times the Obama administration was blindsidedIraq Prime Minister al-Maliki ...read more

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U.S., Iran discuss possible cooperation against Iraq militants

By Paul Richter, Laura King, Nabih Bulos  The weeklong onslaught by a marauding army of Islamist extremists in Iraq pushed the United States and its longtime rival Iran on Monday to discuss collaborating against a common foe, although the White House ruled out any joint military operations. ...read more

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State Dept. blamed Iran for stoking Iraq chaos — now weighs alliance?

By foxnewsonline@foxnews.com IRAN'S GOVERNMENT WAS cited months ago by the State Department as a prime instigator in Iraq ahead of the country's ongoing crisis with militants — whose supporters are shown above — underscoring the challenging situation the Obama administration faces as it considers whether to align with Iran to save Iraq. ...read more

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US weighs alliance with Iran to counter ISIS, boosts presence in Gulf

By foxnewsonline@foxnews.com THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION reportedly is preparing to open direct talks with Iran on possibly cooperating to counter the Sunni militant force seizing large swaths of Iraq and threatening Baghdad, weighing an unlikely alliance in the face of a common foe.Militant group posts images that appear to show mass killings in ...read more

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Iran claims victory with Assad’s anticipated win in Syrian election

By Liz Sly BEIRUT — As Syrians went to the polls Tuesday, President Bashar al-Assad's chief ally, Iran, was trumpeting his anticipated reelection as a defeat for the United States. Top Iranian officials in recent days have issued a flurry of declarations celebrating not only the affirmation of Assad's continued hold on ...read more

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Iran-based hackers reportedly target US officials for intel on sanctions

By foxnewsonline@foxnews.com A REPORT from cybersecurity investigators due out Thursday will reveal that hackers based in Iran are using social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to target US and international officials, including a four-star admiral. Hacker who helped feds gets no additional prison time US to rev up hacking fight against ...read more

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Iran hangs key figure in banking scandal

By Jason Rezaian TEHRAN — Iran's state media is reporting that a key player in the country's biggest-ever banking scandal was executed here on Saturday. The office of Tehran's public prosecutor announced that Mahafari Amir-Khosravi, one of four co-conspirators given the death sentence in 2012 for their roles in embezzling the equivalent ...read more

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IAEA assessment plan presents new hurdle in Iran nuclear talks

By Paul Richter The United Nations is unlikely to complete its assessment of whether Iran has conducted research on nuclear weapons before the deadline set by six world powers for a deal to curb the country's nuclear activities, a new complication in the international negotiations. ...read more

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Negotiations with Iran over nuclear program still face a major hurdle

By Paul Richter Three months into intense international negotiations over Iran's disputed nuclear development program, Tehran's team has surprised almost everybody with its apparent eagerness for a deal. Iranian negotiators have met all of their commitments under November's interim agreement, have proposed... ...read more

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Obama signs into law a measure aimed at blocking visa for Iran’s proposed U.N. envoy

By Katie Zezima President Obama on Friday signed a law barring the U.S. government from providing a visa to any nominee to the United Nations deemed to have engaged in terrorist activity, a measure aimed at blocking Iran's preferred ambassador to the world body. Read full article >> ...read more

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Iran's UN nominee denied US visa

By foxnewsonline@foxnews.com OBAMA ADMINISTRATION SAYS it will not grant a visa to Hamid Aboutalebi, Iran's pick for UN ambassador, who admitted he worked with the revolutionary student group that seized the United States Embassy and held 52 Americans for 444 days in 1979.VIDEO: White House will not issue visa to Iran's UN ...read more

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U.S. blocks Iran’s pick as envoy to U.N., setting up new confrontation

By Anne Gearan The Obama administration on Friday said it would block Iran's nominee as ambassador to the United Nations from entering the United States, setting up a new confrontation with Tehran just as relations with the Islamic Republic appeared to be improving. Read full article >> ...read more

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Cruz-backed Iran bill expected to pass Senate

By Robert Costa, Ed O'Keefe Updated 3:52 p.m. A measure that would ban Iran's recently appointed ambassador to the United Nations from entering the United States is expected to be approved by the U.S. Senate unanimously Monday evening and could pass unanimously, a legislative victory for its lead sponsor, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.). Read ...read more

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Boeing says gets U.S. license to sell spare parts to Iran

WASHINGTON/PARIS (Reuters) - Boeing Co , the world's biggest airplane manufacturer, on Friday said it received a license this week from the U.S. Treasury Department to export certain spare parts for commercial aircraft to Iran as part of a temporary sanctions relief agreement reached in January.

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Hillary Clinton says she is ‘personally skeptical’ about an Iran nuclear deal

By Philip Rucker NEW YORK — Hillary Rodham Clinton cast doubt on the interim nuclear agreement with Iran, saying in a muscular policy speech here Wednesday night that she is “personally skeptical” that Iran's leaders will follow through on a comprehensive agreement to end their march toward nuclear weapons. Read full article >> ...read more

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Iran takes tough opening stand at nuclear talks, vows not to dismantle equipment

By Anne Gearan As the latest talks on Iran's nuclear program began Tuesday, the country's negotiators took a tough opening position, pledging never to dismantle equipment or facilities that the United States and other world powers say raise suspicion that the Islamic Republic could produce atomic weapons. Read full article >> ...read more

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Senior al-Qaeda figure leaves Iran amid a series of departures by terrorist suspects

By Adam Goldman A senior al-Qaeda figure with close ties to the terrorist group's current leader has left Iran, where he had lived for years after fleeing American forces in Afghanistan in 2001, according to former and current U.S. intelligence officials. Read full article >> ...read more

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Russian Minister Plans to Visit Iran for Trade Talks

By Reuters <moscowtimes@themoscowtimes.com> Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev will visit Iran in April to discuss a broad range of trade issues, he said Wednesday, playing down reports from Tehran that a barter deal involving Iranian oil exports was in the offing. ...read more

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'RUST-BUCKET' NAVY Experts: Iran sends creaky warships toward US waters

By foxnewsonline@foxnews.com VIDEO: Iran claims it is sending naval ships to US maritime borders VIDEO: Iran shows 'documentary' of mock-up attack on US, Israel Report: Iran successfully test-fires 2 missilesIranians mark anniversary of 1979 Islamic revolution with chants against US, Israel ...read more

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Obama pushes for release of Americans held in North Korea, Iran

By David Nakamura President Obama called on North Korea and Iran to release two Americans held captive since 2012, using an address at the National Prayer Breakfast to demand that foreign nations respect religious freedoms and to declare that the men “deserve to be free.” Read full article >> ...read more

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Kerry tells Iran that existing sanctions will stay in place as negotiations continue

By Anne Gearan Secretary of State John F. Kerry told Iran's foreign minister Sunday that the United States will continue to enforce existing sanctions on Iran while bargaining over a deal to rein in Iran's disputed nuclear program. Read full article >> ...read more

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In Iran, opposition leader goes home

By Jason Rezaian TEHRAN — One of the two leaders of Iran's 2009 post election protest movement is going home today, according to domestic media reports. Mehdi Karroubi, the 76-year-old former speaker of Iran's parliament, has been held under house arrest in a heavily guarded residence since 2011. Read full article >> ...read more

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Global "Elders" urge Iran to build on nuclear deal

The former head of the United Nations urged Iran Monday to build on a historic deal reached with world powers in November and work toward a final settlement over its contested nuclear program.

Kofi Annan Former U.N. secretary general, arrives at a meeting in Tehran, Iran, Monday, Jan. 27, 2014. ...read more

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Kerry Presses Iranians to Prove Nuclear Work Is for Peaceful Purposes

By By MICHAEL R. GORDON John Kerry told the World Economic Forum that Iran must accept extensive verification of its nuclear program, abandon plans for a plutonium-producing reactor, and resolve inspectors' concerns about past compliance. ...read more

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